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Admit It, You Go Through the Rubbish

Date: 19-Mar-14
Author: Brad Gray

Workplace recycling © Jess McCallum

Are you the person at work that goes though the waste bin to pick out the recyclables? Do you get frustrated when people don't recycle correctly? Or when the lights are left on in the empty lunch room?

Well we've put together lots of tricks to help you create positive change in your workplace - the Rules of the Game.

Understanding what your colleagues or customers value can be a game changer in sustainability. It'll help you create the positive behaviours you are looking for. Some of the key elements in creating that change include:

  • Forget the detractors. Frame your proposals around how to make a change rather than whether the change is necessary. It's a much more positive approach and harder to argue against.
  • Link the issue to desirable outcomes. For example, encouraging suppliers to find recycling solutions for waste materials simply because it's "the right thing to do" may not have as much impact as demonstrating that there may be cost savings and marketing opportunities as a result.
  • Create agency (which is just a fancy way to say encourage people to contribute ideas and to take control of the issues that affect them).

These tips have been taken from Planet Ark's website where you'll find more information about these tips as well as others designed to help you create positive change in your workplace.

And think about it, if you use some of these tips you might not have to go searching through the garbage quite so often.

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