Planet Ark News - 3 ways to green your gifts
Planet Ark News

3 ways to green your gifts

Date: 02-Dec-13
Author: Zo Zhou

Used Nespresso pods for seedlings © Zo Zhou

Make sure your gifts are as thoughtful for the people making them, and the environment! Try...

Shop Ethical

Now you can check how the brand in your hand stacks up environmentally and socially. The shop ethical database also has an app. Either way, you'll be discovering great alternatives and helping contribute to a cleaner, kinder world. 

Checking it Twice

If you have good intentions, but not enough time, Ethical Consumers Australia wlll take the guesswork out of choosing a gift for that special someone. Based on your budget, relationship and the gender of your recipient, the ethical elves will suggest only gifts that meet your values.

Handmade gifts

Play to your strengths and give a gift that can't be bought anywhere else! Homemade baking, crafted decorations, or experience gifts (like music or language lessons) can create the best memories of all. Pictured is a green gift that anyone can add a festive touch to - upcycle containers to create a one of a kind gift! Try to choose containers that are readily recyclable if your recipient needs to do any replanting. Nespresso pods for example can be scrunched with aluminium foil into a ball and be recycled through kerbside, but they also have their own recycling system in store. Make sure your recipient knows so your gift can be a double win for the environment!

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