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Walk Safely to School Day

Date: 28-Apr-09
Author: Amy Nancarrow

Walk Safely to School Day © WSTSD

Walk Safely to School Day is an opportunity for parents and carers of Primary School aged children to promote safe pedestrian behaviour ... and it's good for the planet!

Driving less and walking more not only saves you money (a typical car costs $7500 a year to run) and improves your health and wellbeing, but also reduces emissions that harm our environment. Cars produce nearly a fifth of household greenhouse gas emissions, so one of the best things you can do for the planet is to drive less.

Planet Ark proudly supports Walk Safely to School Day, Friday 15th May 2009. Join thousands of other Australians and leave the car at home on the 15th, and Walk Safely to School with your kids.

For more information visit, call the Pedestrian Council of Australia on (02) 9968 4555 or email

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