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Australian energy innovations on the world stage

Date: 20-Mar-19
Author: Rachel Rayner

Planet Ark Power's installation at the Newmarket Pool © Rachel Rayner

Planet Ark Power's installation at the Newmarket Pool

Saving the world is a goal for most children. Some go on to invent the tools we need to do this. Planet Ark Power’s engineers are these inventors: they are revolutionalising our energy supply and lowering electricity costs all the while reducing harmful CO2 emissions.  

Vindication that they are on to a good thing has come from the international Start Up Energy Transition (SET) Awards, where they are one of 15 finalists from hundreds of entrants from around the world.

“We’re honoured by the recognition our research and development team has received from the SET Awards 2019. We’re excited to talk about our game-changing technology created to transition the world into a clean energy future,” said Planet Ark Power’s Executive Director, Richard Romanowski.

A leading international platform supporting energy innovation powered by the German Energy-Agency in cooperation with the World Energy Council, the SET Awards 2019 received a total of 450 applications from 80 different countries. A jury of high-level energy and climate sector individuals selected the 15 finalists for the awards, one of which is Planet Ark's sister organisation, the Brisbane-based technology and artificial intelligence organisation, Planet Ark Power.  

“Global energy transition is one of the biggest challenges in human history. But it is also an amazing opportunity for combining innovative business and political will to create a sustainable energy solution for the planet,” writes Andreas Kuhlmann, CEO of the German Energy-Agency. 

Planet Ark Power, the only representative from Australia in the awards, has designed a system that allows a local school or business to use their empty roof-space as an electricity generator for the area. By enabling the smooth exchange of power produced in localised large-scale solar installations to other buildings and houses at any time of day, a company or the local school’s energy bill can become an income stream. It reduces the cost of electricity for all users too, as the energy is cheaper to produce and grid maintenance costs diminish.  

This path to brand-new energy solutions requires a lot of new tech. Planet Ark Power’s innovations, including extra safety features for solar panels, are likely to result in at least 10 more patents (that’s 10 different inventions).  

Only a five-minute pitch to judges and 14 other entrants stands in their way to this prestigious award. The winner takes home 10,000.00 which will be a welcome addition to Planet Ark Power’s research and development department. 

“We’re a fast-growing business, but we can’t let the innovation stop!” says Richard, We’re looking to invite external investors later in the year, to keep improving our world-first technology.” 


How to get involved

  • Visit the Planet Ark Power website to find out how to get solar panels, and all this inventive technology, in your school or workplace.


Rachel                                            Rayner

Author: Rachel Rayner

After eight years as a science communicator around the globe, Rachel wanted to concentrate on supporting the environment and discussing energy generation. At Planet Ark she can do both – putting her studies in physics, arts and communication to good use.
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