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It's Time to Clean Up Australia!

Date: 28-Feb-17
Author: Claire Bell

Image Credit: Clean Up Australia Day © Claire Bell

Image Credit: Clean Up Australia Day

It’s that time of year when thousands of Australians head out into their local community with protective gloves and large plastic bags, picking up litter for Clean-Up Australia Day.

Litter may not be a sexy topic but continues to be an issue in our local and national parks, waterways and communities. Not only is it unsightly but more importantly it cause real problems for wildlife.

This has been recently highlighted in news stories about beach and ocean plastic, that is accumulating at an alarming rate and when ingested by marine life it can have fatal consequences.

These issues make campaigns such as Clean Up Australia Day more relevant than ever before. It’s been running since 1989 and is a great way for every day Australians to get outside and do their bit for the community and the environment.

Get Involved


This year Clean Up Australia Day is Sunday March 5th and Schools Clean Up Day is Friday 3rd March. Head to the Clean Up Australia Day website and either join one of the 5800 events already registered or set up your own event. The website also had some great resources for schools, businesses and councils.

We think everyday should be a Clean Up day, so remember pick up litter when you’re at the beach or the park. Take your litter home with you, of course recycling what you can, or place items in a bin that isn’t overflowing.

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