Planet Ark News - Five Ways to Keep Your School Routine Green
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Five Ways to Keep Your School Routine Green

Date: 30-Jan-17
Author: Claire Bell

School Kids Outside © Claire Bell

The start of the school year is upon us and for many the year ahead is all about getting into good habits for the kids and as a family. So it’s a great time to build in some every day ‘green’ habits that are simple and easy, yet can make a big difference.



  1. Walk to school if possible, if your child is young maybe take it in turns with another family to walk them to school. Not only does this save on petrol and is environmentally friendly, it’s a healthy habit for the kids and increases their outdoor time.
  2. Bring your own, waste free, lunch. This is a money and packaging saver, not always easy we know, as often convenience wins. Planning lunches with minimal processed products and therefore less packaging will be healthier, often cheaper and helps your child develop good habits. And don’t forget to recycle the soft plastics you do end up with through the REDcycle program at participating supermarkets.
  3. Have you upgraded your child’s technology over the holidays, if so, what have you done with your old devices? You can recycle old mobiles , laptops and other computer and accessories for free.
  4. When printing assignments, permission slips and other documents do so on both sides of the paper and make the switch to Australian made recycled office paper (including our very own Planet Ark Paper) and recycle your cartridges when they run out.
  5. Switch to reusable where possible including shopping bags, water bottles and coffee cups; bring your own to school or work, doing so sets a great example to the kids and creates good habits for all the family.

Even if you make just one change at a time, small positive actions add up and are something everyone can feel good about.

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