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Walk Safely to School Day

Date: 08-Apr-10
Author: Emma Franklin

Walk Safely to School Day © WSTSD

Walk Safely to School Day is an annual, national event when all primary school children will be encouraged to walk and commute safely to school. It is a community event seeking to promote road safety, health, public transport and the environment.

In 2010, the event will be held throughout Australia on Friday 7th May. On this day we ask all parents and carers to walk their primary school aged children all or part of the way to school. Those who can't walk the whole way are encouraged to combine a walk with public transport or to park the car a good distance from the school and walk the rest of the way.

Cars produce nearly a fifth of household greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. These emissions are damaging to the health of the planet on which we all depend on for survival. Keeping the car at home and replacing short trips like driving to school with walking, saves these carbon emissions from being released into the atmosphere.

For more information visit or call the Pedestrian Council of Australia: (02) 9968 4555 or email:


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