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Latest Stories

The latest data on commercial and industrial waste

Date: 18-Apr-19
Author: Ryan Collins
Kerbside recycling has been in the media again recently, but what about the waste produced by Australian businesses? Here we take a closer look at numbers from the 2018 National Waste Report relating to commercial and industrial waste.

Introducing the technology behind the Australasian Recycling Label

Date: 17-Apr-19
Author: Alejandra Laclette
The Australasian Recycling Label is here to clear up confusion around the recycling of packaging items. But what underpins the information on the labels?

Barangaroo's 'tree house' achieves structural completion in 7 months

Date: 17-Apr-19
Author: David Rowlinson
Lendlease has announced that Daramu House, their second timber building in Barangaroo, has reached its top floor, officially marking its structural completion. Built in just seven months, Daramu House, which means 'tree' house in the Aboriginal Language, is constructed from approximately 1,750 pieces of timber.

Research finds Aussies have faith in Planet Ark's endorsement program

Date: 17-Apr-19
Author: Josh Cole
One in three Aussies have purchased a product endorsed by Planet Ark, who were also rated as the #1 organisation for operating in a environmentally friendly and ethical manner.

Sydney Catholic school the first in Australia to be constructed out of mass timber

Date: 17-Apr-19
Author: David Rowlinson
A Sydney Catholic Primary School has become one of the first in the country to be constructed out of mass timber. And with the sustainable and energy-efficient materials used in the award-winning design, comes a new way of teaching which empowers the students to decide how they want to learn.

Transparent wood, an eco-friendly alternative to glass?

Date: 16-Apr-19
Author: Becca Campbell
Scientists have created a new building material that provides an eco-friendly alternative to plastic and glass.

Biotech startups creating sustainable seafood from scratch

Date: 16-Apr-19
Author: Becca Campbell
A new and innovative form of aquaculture has been dominating the sustainable food market recently and it's probably not something you've thought of before.

Iconic brand to make all products from recycled cotton

Date: 16-Apr-19
Author: Liam Taylor
Levi Strauss & Co, perhaps the world's most famous jeans manufacturer, has committed to making all its products from 100% recycled content by 2025.

Former prison providing site of community-led energy revolution

Date: 16-Apr-19
Author: Liam Taylor
A community-led energy revolution is taking place at the Old Beechworth Gaol in north-east Victoria as the region's first solar energy network goes live.

Recycling is not a con. Here's why

Date: 13-Apr-19
Author: Ryan Collins
The waste and recycling industry has been under the spotlight recently causing Australians to ask "Should we keep recycling?" Planet Ark says yes, and this is why.

Planet Ark Power Wins Global Energy Award

Date: 10-Apr-19
Author: Rachel Rayner
Planet Ark Power has been recognised as a global change pioneer by winning at the Startup Energy Transition Awards in Germany

Everyday Enviro with Elise - A daily eco-nudge with Today We Will

Date: 09-Apr-19
Author: Elise Catterall
Following on from her recent piece on sustainability podcasts, here Elise delves into her favourite daily environmental newsletter: Today We Will.


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