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Latest Stories

Global plastic waste pact garners international support

Date: 13-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
A historic international agreement to combat plastic waste has been approved by 187 countries in the UN.

Britain's coal-free week the first since 1882

Date: 13-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
It's been over 130 years since the last time Britain went without coal-fired electricity for seven consecutive days, but that is exactly what took place last week.

Australian volunteers enlisted for war on microplastic pollution

Date: 13-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
A project designed to empower communities to look for microplastics on their local coastlines is training Australians on how to find tiny pieces of plastic pollution.

The revegetation plan to bring back the glossy black cockatoo

Date: 13-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
A project to plant native vegetation along a stretch of land from the Blue Mountains to the Southern Tablelands is slowly bringing back one of Australia's most iconic birds, the glossy black cockatoo.

Who's in the top ten returners for Cartridges 4 Planet Ark?

Date: 10-May-19
Author: Claire Bell
Small actions can make a big impact and with over 41 million cartridges recycled since the program began, that's certainly true for Cartridges 4 Planet Ark!

Royd Clan's House in Victoria is built entirely from Glulam and CLT

Date: 09-May-19
Author: David Rowlinson
The concept design for the "Royd Clan's House" in Ceres near Geelong utilising all-timber Glulam and CLT was inspired mainly by the boulders and the remains of the previous house. Architect Nadine Samaha from Level Architekture says "I wanted to create a structure which emulated these boulders coming from the ground."

Recycle your schools' printer cartridges in May to help protect our beaches

Date: 07-May-19
Author: Claire Bell
Recycling your schools printer cartridges in May is a small act with a big impact as we're donating to Surfrider Foundation Australia and we have a fabulous competition to WIN a Surfboard. We've also sneaked in our top tips for sustainable printing!

The world's highest emu bob clean-up

Date: 06-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
A group of fourteen highly dedicated volunteers are undertaking one of the world's most ambitious clean-ups on the world's tallest mountain.

Everyday Enviro with Elise - The Bread and Butter Project

Date: 06-May-19
Author: Elise Catterall
In something a little different, this week Elise takes a look at the amazing work of phenomenal bakery and social enterprise The Bread & Butter Project.

Extinction Rebellion protests lead to big win in climate fight

Date: 06-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
While previous climate protests have generally failed to encourage tangible action, the Extinction Rebellion protests recorded their first big win last week.

The Icelandic project turning dangerous emissions to stone

Date: 06-May-19
Author: Liam Taylor
In a unique approach to mitigating greenhouse gas emissions a facility in Iceland is capturing carbon dioxide and permanently storing it in stone beneath the Earth's surface.

Planet Ark to lead National Circular Economy Hub and Marketplace

Date: 06-May-19
Author: Josh Cole
In an incredible achievement, Planet Ark received word last week that the Federal Government would provide us with $1.6M in funding to develop a National Circular Economy Hub and Marketplace, which will be Australia's leading platform to help Australian businesses implement circular economy principles.


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