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Latest Stories

Nature activities for your new work situation

Date: 27-Mar-20
Author: Jennifer McMillan
There are so many ways nature can help us through challenging times. Take a virtual hike with Google Maps, get your hands dirty in the garden or get involved in citizen science from your own backyard.

Electric vehicles can help Australia transition to a low carbon society

Date: 27-Mar-20
Author: Sean O'Malley
Interested in learning more about electric vehicles and their environmental benefits? Here we look at how electrification coupled with increasing the share of renewables in the electricity grid can reduce the carbon footprint of the transport sector.

What are you doing with your old mobile phone?

Date: 27-Mar-20
Author: Rachael Ridley
Mobile phones are invaluable at the moment as our need to connect with work, family, friends and the latest news increases. However, there are millions of phones stashed away in drawers not being used. It’s time to either reuse or recycle these phones so they don’t go to waste.

Planet Ark’s top tips for working from home

Date: 25-Mar-20
Author: Rachael Ridley
If you are one of the Australians who has suddenly found themselves working from home, we know it can be a big adjustment. Here are our tips for a smooth transition that makes the most of your time and minimises your impact on the environment.

Could the underground world of fungi help Australia's ecological recovery?

Date: 24-Mar-20
Author: Jennifer McMillan
There’s an underground world we know little about; the weird and wonderful world of fungi. Ecologists are only beginning to learn how fire affects fungi and how they might help in ecosystem recovery following fires.

Taking time to talk trees and more

Date: 24-Mar-20
Author: Claire Brandenburger
We know that trees provide essential habitat for wildlife and that the beauty of the natural world is underpinned by vegetation. But how many of us stop to consider the vital role that all kinds of plants play in our lives?

Everyday Enviro with Elise - Reducing one's 'monthly' environmental impact

Date: 24-Mar-20
Author: Elise Catterall
While everyone is aware of ongoing toilet paper shortages, other sanitary products are also in short supply for roughly half the population.

Recent rains see rare desert frogs emerge from hiding

Date: 24-Mar-20
Author: Liam Taylor
The breaking of the drought in north-west New South Wales brought about a rare sight – hundreds of desert frogs resurfacing after months underground.

Critically endangered black rhino numbers rise

Date: 24-Mar-20
Author: Liam Taylor
The population of Africa’s critically endangered black rhinos has increased over the past six years thanks to significant efforts from conservationists.

Woodchips to the rescue? Humble material could help protect Great Barrier Reef

Date: 18-Mar-20
Author: Liam Taylor
They might not be the flashiest technological solution, but woodchip-filled trenches could be key to reducing the impact of fertiliser run-off on the Great Barrier Reef.

Planet Ark joins FWPA bushfire recovery workshops in affected communities

Date: 18-Mar-20
Author: David Rowlinson
Planet Ark recently joined Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) for a series of half-day workshops called ‘Resilience, Recovery and Rebuilding’ in bushfire-affected locations Bairnsdale, Tumbarumba and Bega.

Advancing a possible end to ‘forever chemicals'

Date: 18-Mar-20
Author: Macquarie 'Q' Simon
A team of engineers from the University of California – Riverside have shown that they might have a solution for a group of potentially harmful chemicals previously thought to be virtually indestructible.


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