Run, walk, swim, ride and race for the planet!

Fun Walk © Jess McCallum

At Planet Ark, we're always looking an excuse to get outdoors. Whether we're pounding the pavement, peddling our pushbikes or puffing our way up and down a pool, we find ourselves connecting our daily actions with our love for the environment. That's why we're so excited about this new fundraising challenge site which allows us to achieve some fun goals and raise money for Planet Ark at the same time!

You can join in the fun! It's this simple:

  1. Set yourself a goal. It may be a fitness goal, a low-carbon lifestyle goal, a recycling goal, or even a fundraising goal - anything you think will inspire donations!
  2. Create your personal ‘supporter page' for Planet Ark. Use images, stories and videos to explain your motives and show why a healthy planet is so important to you.
  3. Spread the word. Share your page with your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to help you make a real difference by sponsoring your efforts. All donations are processed online and are fully tax deductible and which means you can get on with your challenge without a worry.

Need some inspiration? 

Go here for a calendar of upcoming events happening around the country or have a look at some of Planet Ark's campaigns.

Go on, create a profile and flex your fundraising muscles today - it'll feel great!

To create your fundraising page for Planet Ark, click here.

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