Circular Economy
Keeping resources in the economy again and again.

What is a circular economy?

The process of a circular economy transforms the way we use resources. As a self-sustaining system, a circular economy focuses on keeping materials circulating through the manufacturing chain. Companies in the circular economy present their products as services and maintain ownership over them, which allows the components of these goods to be recycled and reused. The main principal, aiming to avoid waste, is make, use, and return. Essentially, the life and purpose of the product is extended at the benefit of the consumer, the manufacturer, and the environment.

Planet Ark believes in positive environmental actions. Our team works tirelessly to reduce human impact on the environment through our campaigns and community engagement events.

Our philosophy parallels the concept of a circular economy, and prioritization of sustainable resource use.

The products we consume aren’t simply thrown away and forgotten, but rather used and disposed. We want to change this. Adopting the framework of a circular economy, we want to replicate the way nature works -- where products can be re-purposed and re-created.

How to get involved

Our campaigns demonstrate the innovative process that extends the life of essential everyday products that we use.

Planet Ark Paper provides the most comprehensible example of a circular economy: we use, we recycle, and we re-create. The end product, which can be remade again, is 100% Australian Recycled Paper.

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