Make It Australian Recycled & Planet Ark Paper
Using Australian made recycled paper is a simple, positive action you and your workplace can do for the environment.





Planet Ark has teamed up with Australian Paper to form the Make It Australian Recycled campaign. The campaign focuses on helping paper buyers right around the country, whether that’s households, schools, government or businesses, to choose the right paper with the best environmental impact.

The Make It Australian Recycled campaign aims are to:

  • show the importance of closing the paper recycling loop by buying it back
  • increase the use of locally made, high-recycled content paper (50% or more)
  • encourage recycling of office paper
  • reduce the amount of waste paper going to Australian landfill


The major catalyst for our partnership with Australian Paper was their new state of the art de-inking facility at the Maryvale Mill in Victoria. 

The facility has the capacity to divert 80,000 tonnes of post-consumer waste paper from landfill or overseas export each and greatly increase the production of high-quality, bright white recycled paper for Australians to use. Read more here

Planet Ark supports Australian made, 50%, 80% and 100% recycled content office and printing paper.  If you are currently using virgin paper why not consider moving to high-recycled content?

Download our Quick Guide to Purchasing Sustainable Office Paper.

Planet Ark Paper

Did you know we've launched one of the most environmentally responsible paper on the market, Planet Ark 100% Australian Recycled Paper?


You don't need to compromise on quality to get the best environmental office paper available. You can get bright white copy paper that ticks every box necessary when it comes to protecting our environment and at the same time contributing to the Australian economy.






Why does your choice matter?

You are:

  • closing the paper recycling loop and diverting waste from Australian landfill
  • reducing your carbon footprint
  • supporting the Australian economy, providing local green manufacturing jobs and offsetting the environmental costs of importing paper from overseas
  • choosing high-quality printing paper with great environmental performance
  • supporting our other environmental campaigns such as National Recycling Week and National Tree Day
  • proving to others that recycled paper is now as high quality, bright white as non-recycled paper


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