Coffee 4 Planet Ark
We love our coffee but we don't love the amount of greenhouse gases our beans emit when they're left to decompose in landfill.

There is no doubt that Australians love coffee. Every year, we consume 6 billion cups of the stuff!

But what happens to the coffee grounds left over after we’ve had our coffee hit?

Right now, 93% of the grounds you see your barista knocking into that fancy tube are being sent straight to landfill. Only 7% of cafes use an organic waste processor or pass on their good grounds to customers to use on their gardens and compost.

We love our coffee but we don’t love the amount of greenhouse gases our beans emit when they’re left to decompose in landfill.

That’s why Planet Ark, with support from the City of Sydney, has been researching some better ways we can make use of spent coffee grounds. We now know coffee has multiple effective uses in other processes, including:

  • Growing mushrooms
  • Compost
  • Pyrolysis and biochar
  • Bioactive compounds
  • Anaerobic digestion

Our feasibility study also reveals that 921 cafes and coffee shops within City of Sydney alone are selling over 100 million cups of coffee each year. Collectively these cafes produce over 3000 tonnes of spent coffee grounds annually.

We’re now working on our plans for program to help cafes and coffee shops divert their coffee waste from landfill – and we’d love to involve you!

To find out more, download the summary of our report into coffee waste and register your interest below.

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