2017 Environmental Action Planners

Campaign Calendars © Jess McCallum

Planet Ark is all about you!

If you want to take simple environmental actions we've got something for you. Whether you want to set up a cartridge recycling box at work, get the kids in contact with nature, switch to recycled office paper, renovate your house using certified wood or find recycling services near you - we have a campaign for you!

These campaign calendars mean you won't miss your chance to get involved in the next fun environmental action happening in your local community.

Click on the links below to download the calendar for your school, council or workplace and don't forget to add the key dates to your diary. 

Share these links with your friends, family or colleagues so they can be a part of the action too.

  • Recycling Week
  • Business Recycling
  • recycling Near You
  • Make It Wood
  • Tree Day
  • Cartridges for Planet Ark