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Curious About The Carbon Footprint Of Olive Oil?

Date: 29-Jun-10

CRL Label Commitment image © Amy Nancarrow

Having a Carbon Reduction Label – what it means

First, the carbon footprint of olive oil is measured through a full lifecycle assessment. This means that all processes from growing the olives, milling, packaging to transport as well as consumer use have been included. The carbon footprint in grams of CO2 per 100ml will feature on a label on ALDI’s everyday olive oil range by the end of the year.

Second, by joining the Carbon Reduction Label program ALDI has made an ongoing commitment to reducing the carbon footprint of its olive oils. The carbon footprint is measured every two years and ALDI must reduce the carbon footprint of its olive oils in order to retain the labels.   So when purchasing a product from ALDI’s everyday olive oil range, you know that this is supporting a reduction in the carbon footprint over time.

An International Label

The carbon footprint is measured to an internationally recognised standard and is subject to independent third party certification. ALDI joins major companies around the world that are already labelling their products.

Consumers in the UK can already purchase products that provide carbon footprint information including bread, milk, sugar, juice, cereal, chips and hundreds of other grocery items as well as clothing, appliances and building materials.

Win an ALDI Olive Oil Hamper

To enter the competition, visit and send an email via the contact page with your estimate of the carbon footprint – the grams of CO2 per 100ml of olive oil – for The Olive Tree Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 litre tin.

To help you make an estimate, please visit or for carbon footprint information for products in the UK.

Check out the photos of labelled products at  

Terms and Conditions

In the event of multiple entries with the same response the first received by Planet Ark will win the prize.  The prize will be available later this year when the first labelled products are available.  The winner will be contacted by email and will be announced in the September edition of AWARE.   The carbon footprint of ALDI olive oil will not be disclosed until the launch of the label later this year.   Carbon footprint information for other products in the UK is a guide only as the carbon footprint will differ for similar products in Australia.   Employees and associates of Planet Ark, ALDI, the Carbon Trust UK and Greenchip may not win the competition but we would love to see your estimates if you would like to contact us.

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