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Get On Board The Wave And Win!

Date: 26-May-10

Sixth Wave © Amy Nancarrow

Over the last 200 years humanity experienced five distinct waves of innovation - says a new book, The Sixth Wave by James B Moody and Bianca Nogrady.

In case you were wondering, the fifth wave was Information and Communication Technology. The authors describe the sixth wave - which they claim has already begun - as one of Resource Efficiency. It's a compelling read, loaded with Australian examples of innovation. The Sixth Wave gives us an inspiring view of the future where waste equals opportunity.

The idea of "waste" in this sixth wave, is something not used to its potential.  So instead of cars sitting at home during the week, we have car-sharing programs like GoGet and Flexicar. Instead of lamenting peak phosphate, the Swedish set up toilets to capture urine (containing high levels of phosphate) that farmers collect for fertiliser. Think roof-top gardens or extra energy from your fridge sent to power your toaster.

Be in the draw to win one of ten copies

Tell us one way that you have used the "waste" or "untapped potential" from something around your home, work or community. It might be as simple as reusing jars for storage or kids activities, forming a book swap with your friends or helping plant trees on vacant areas of land.

Send your ideas in to with the subject line The Sixth Wave by 15th June. Ten entries will be drawn at random to win one of ten copies of new release book.

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