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Love Food, Hate Waste ... Who Doesn't?

Date: 26-May-10

We all love food and hate waste … but it’s not like we intend to waste food. Sometimes we buy the wrong thing, cook too much, or it goes off. The good news is, it’s now easier to avoid this waste and save money on your groceries.

Check out the new website - Love Food Hate Waste - by NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (DECCW) - with a whole range of tips and tricks for planning, purchasing, storing and cooking food to cut waste and your food bill.

How did you go with the quiz questions?

Love Food Hate Waste has many handy resources, including smart shopping tips, healthy recipes, a portion calculator, interesting facts and figures on the amount of food we throw away each year, and the environmental impacts. 

There’s even information on growing your own food, worm farms, composting and community gardens.

With something for almost everyone, this is a good website to tell your friends about.  If they doubt that food wastage is a serious issue, you can pass on this thought-provoking snippet from the website:

“The single largest impact Australian households have on water use is through the food we consume. … According to CSIRO data, throwing out a kilogram of beef wastes the 50,000 litres of water it took to produce that meat. Throwing out one kilogram of white rice wastes 1,550 litres and discarding one kilogram of potatoes wastes 500 litres of water.”

It’s certainly food for thought.

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