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Battery-Powered Business

Date: 29-Apr-10

Batteries mixed © Amy Nancarrow

Last February, Aware reported that almost 90% of batteries sold in Australia are single-use or throw-away batteries.

That’s the equivalent of every Australian household throwing out $45 of batteries every year.  That’s quite a lot!  But how about the battery use in large organisations such as businesses and schools? 

Batteries add up to big numbers

Planet Ark recently canvassed a number of organisations about their battery consumption.  Some workplaces, including businesses and councils, estimated that they used – and threw away – thousands of batteries each year.  Many schools also went through hundreds of batteries each year, in equipment such as stopwatches, digital cameras, clocks, cordless microphones, CD players, remote control devices and headphone posts.

Altogether, the 17 organisations that gave feedback to Planet Ark, used a combined total of 9,170 batteries each year.  According to CSIRO data, they would collectively save 917,000 kg of Carbon Dioxide equivalent per year – if they switched to rechargeable batteries*.

Switching to rechargeable batteries will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions and waste, but will also save those organisations significant amounts of money in a relatively short period of time.

To find out more about the benefits of using rechargeable batteries, read our Battery Recycling Factsheet.

And remember, when your disposable batteries run out of power, or you've used your rechargeable battery for the last time, visit RecyclingNearYou to find out where you can recycle them.

* Planet Ark and Varta are providing free solar-powered rechargeable battery packs to ten of these organisations.

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