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Tips For A Safe And Green Easter Getaway

Date: 30-Mar-10

Australians love to get away with the family over the Easter long weekend. But our love of travel is a large contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. So before you hit the road this Easter, follow these simple steps to to reduce the environmental impact and have a safe trip for all the family.

Check your tyre pressure

Proper tyre maintenance is important for your safety, fuel economy and life of your tyres. When a tyre is underinflated, it creates resistance and negatively affects your fuel efficiency and handling performance. If you need to replace your tyres, make sure you choose a service centre that will recycle the old ones so they don’t end up in landfill. Check RecyclingNearYou for local recycling centres such as Kmart Tyre and Auto Service.

Plan your trip

Before setting off, take the time to plan your trip. Getting stuck in traffic jams, getting lost or ending up on unsealed roads means more time in the car and more fuel. So by planning you can avoid unnecessary travelling and emissions.

Share the drive

Plan ahead and avoid driving to your destination by yourself. A full car might be a bit squishy, but it’s definitely more fun! You can share the driving and it means fewer cars on the road. Even better, if you can take public transport, then train, bus or boat it to your holiday location.

Fuel-efficient driving

Try some fuel-efficient driving techniques to reduce your fuel consumption. These include: reducing your cruising speed, keeping your car serviced, braking and accelerating as smoothly as possible, lightening your load and limiting the air conditioning and heating use in the car.

If you are hiring a car to go on holidays, then make sure it’s a fuel-efficient model like a hybrid. Avoid the big petrol guzzlers, they might give you a bit more legroom but a smaller more efficient car will reduce your emissions and save you money on petrol.

For more green travel and holiday tips see Planet Ark’s Festive Recycling website or visit the RTA’s Green Travel Options website.
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