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Mmm ... Guilt-Free Chocolate

Date: 30-Mar-10

Fairtrade Logo © Fairttrade

Almost everyone here in Australia enjoys chocolate as a tasty treat. But when we hear about underpaid producers in South America and Africa, child labour and deforestation, it leaves an even more bitter taste in our mouth.

Good news is, there are simple ways to support ethical and sustainable chocolate production. As Easter draws near, there’s no better time to get informed and take action.

Here is a few points to look for when buying chocolate:

Keep it short and sweet

Buy just what you need. Going overboard in your egg supply expands not only your waistline, but also the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions and material resources used in the producing, processing, packaging and transport of your Easter choccies.


All organically certified cocoa is grown without pesticides and other chemical treatments. Organic cocoa is also shade grown beneath the canopy of larger trees, rather than in large plantations of cleared land. These more natural growing conditions help to improve local biodiversity and remove the need for input of agrochemicals – resulting in a smaller carbon footprint and reduced environmental impact of the cocoa production.

Fairly traded

By choosing chocolate that carries the Fairtrade or similar certified label, you are supporting cocoa farmers, their families and communities. Fairtrade aims for a fair price for the cocoa with a guaranteed minimum price plus a Fairtrade premium payment. The Fairtrade premium is used for social, environmental and economic investments chosen by the communities. Fairtrade-certified community cooperatives are encouraged to use organic farming methods – look for choccies that are certified for both.

This Easter, celebrate with fairly traded organic chocolate.

More Info

Check out The Good Chocolate Guide to Australia, a comprehensive list of the brands, retailers and online stores that sell ethical chocolate.

For more information on Fairtrade products go to

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