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Organic Quiz!

Date: 11-Mar-10

milk © Amy Nancarrow

Organic milk has what percentage more antioxidants than normal milk?

c) 70% (1)

The same study by Quality Low Input Food also revealed that other organic foods including wheat, tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, onions and lettuce have 20 - 40% more beneficial nutrients than conventional foods.

The benefits of organic food to your health and the environment are now becoming widely recognised. Research confirms that organic foods have much higher vitamin and mineral content, while at the same time eliminating the harmful pesticides and chemicals that are used in the production of non-organic foods.

Australia has more than 12 million hectares of organic agriculture land, the largest in the world.(2) This is great news for the environment since 1,000 medium-sized organic farms store enough carbon in the soil to equate to taking 1,174,000 cars off the road.(3)

More Information

Visit to find where you can buy organic food in your local area.

(1)    Quality Low Input Food Project
(2)    Research Institute of Organic Agriculture
(3)    Rodale Institute

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