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Aware Readers Get Crafty!

Date: 18-Jan-10

Christmas Craft © Amy Nancarrow

Recycling paper, comics and packaging to wrap Chrissy gifts was the overwhelming favourite recycled craft activity. Lots of people tell us they plan to try their hand at the Christmas card angels and CD snowmen.

Here's what some of you said...

"We like to re-use foil chip packets as wrapping paper!! When you've finished eating the potato chips (or crackers, or whatever comes in a foil bag), open it out flat, wipe it down and use it inside out as shiny wrapping paper!! Finish off with a lovely bow - or even better, recycle the tape from inside an old video cassette as ribbon if you no longer have a VCR".
- Lori, Victoria

"I love your Christmas Thanks Chain. Making paper chains is a long established tradition in my family - they were practically the only decorations we had when I was a child - but I love the extra dimension you've added by writing messages of thanks on the links. I will definitely be making these with my grandchildren".
- Pauline, Queensland

Junk Mail paper wrap.
Crackers, with silent crack!
Paper chains - recycled style:
Old circulars, go that extra mile.......

This year we stopped the shopping,
And made our Christmas stockings
From old, worn pillow cases:
We stuck on a Santa faces!

Our festive table cloth's a sheet,
It's coloured green and looks real neat.
Our pressies; from The Salvos shop:
Cool, unusual - they are tops!

This year, our carbon footprint's lower,
And Christmas time, less stressed and slower.
Our happiness has reached new heights,
Now we've only one set of fairy lights!

- James (11), Matthew (8), Ben (8), Western Australia

Our ten winners each receive an Enviro Craft Prize Pack containing a range of stationery items made from recycled or renewable materials. The Pilot BegreeN range is made with a minimum of 70% recycled materials reclaimed from manufacturing. The Kleanearth scissor handles are made from recycled material and the Enviro Tape is made from renewable resources.

Each prize pack is valued at $60 and contains 10 Pilot BegreeN pens, a selection of 10 rolls of Enviro Tape and 3 pairs of scissors.


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