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Good News For NSW Residents

Date: 18-Jan-10

Solar Shop Australia PV installation © Solar Shop Australia

The NSW Government has announced that as of 1 January 2010, all energy produced by household solar panels will be paid at 60c/kWh. This is called a 'feed-in tarif'.

The NSW tariff pays for ALL solar energy produced in your home, not just the part that you don't use which is why it's known as a 'gross' scheme. Bringing in this type of tariff, means an average household with solar panels will be paid around $1496 a year for the energy it produces. This means that households can pay off their investment in solar panels in around eight years. Combining this with a federal government green loan, makes the solar panel investment even easier.

Given the anticipated increases in electricity prices over the next few years, installing solar panels is a decision that could make economic sense as well as environmental sense.

For further details, go to the NSW government Solar Bonus Scheme.

Tariffs in other States

For information on tariffs available in each state visit

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