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Fruit And Nut... It's Not Just Chocolate

Date: 18-Jan-10

Slow Food in Australia has launched a public campaign - Picking slow fruit - to capture information and images of the nation's fruit and nut tree heritage.

Australia has rich fruit and nut heritage. Old fruit and nut trees can be found in paddocks, private and public gardens and urban wasteland, on stock routes, roadsides and streets. Many of these trees are varieties long forgotten and at risk of loss.

By creating a slow fruit national register, Slow Food is starting a process aiming to reintroduce heritage varieties to orchard and garden production.

What can you do?

It's simple. If you know of fruit or nut trees that are mature or senescent - nearing the end of their life - in your community:

  • if the tree or orchard is on private land, seek out the owner and ask for their help in providing information and for their permission to take photographs

  • take good, clear, daylight photographs of the whole tree, its leaves and fruit, and estimate its measurements

  • find out as much as you can about its history

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