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Tidying Out 'Round Christmas

Date: 15-Dec-09

During the festive season Australians buy and consume more than any other time of the year - so we can also recycle more!

Visit to find out how to recycle all that stuff from your kitchen: along with cans, cards and paper gift-wrap, glass bottles and jars and plastic containers, most councils accept items such as aluminium foil and trays, tins, and milk, juice and custard cartons for recycling.  Find out exactly what your council recycles at

After receiving something new (or breaking it!) find out how to recycle your old possessions like mp3 players, old toys and laptops.  

While you're there, check out recycling options for your light globes, household and car batteries, tyres and more.  

Recycle Right this festive season with Planet Ark! Call 1300 733 712 or visit, the leading recycling information website established in conjunction with foundation partner Sensis®.

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