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Combating Climate Change Deniers: Simple Responses

Date: 15-Dec-09

To tackle the issues raised by climate change deniers, a new report has been prepared with scientific responses to common climate change objections. Objections to climate change "have been repeatedly shown to be false, weak or irrelevant in the peer-reviewed scientific literature,'' says the author, scientist Dr Parris.

For instance, it is FALSE that ‘Climate change is due to the effects of cosmic rays'. The latest scientific research suggests any effect from cosmic rays is too small to play a significant role in climate change.

For a useful summary in plain English of further responses, click through to the Sydney Morning Herald article.

Check out the full web report: 'Responses to Questions & Objections on Climate Change'. The report was prepared by Dr Brett Parris (Chief Economist, World Vision Australia and Research Fellow, Monash University), along with other scientists.

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