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Quick Quiz ... Sizzling Summer!

Date: 26-Nov-09

Answer: 1-3 times a week  

85% of Australians say they prefer to cook outdoors, which can enhance our health and wellbeing. Whilst barbequing can keep hot air out of the house in summer, it's not necessarily better for the environment. Here are some simple tips to help make your barbeque eco-friendly.

  • Make the move from charcoal to gas: Burning charcoal gives your meat a smokey flavour but it also gives off much more carbon monoxide than using cleaner-burning propane gas. Charcoal briquettes often contain coal dust or other chemical additives as binders, contributing to poorer air quality. Gas or electric barbeques are alternatives with fewer emissions. 
  • Choose lump coals over briquettes: If you really want to hang on to your charcoal barbeque, use lump coals harvested from sustainably managed forests.
  • Keep your eye out for solar ovens or grills as the technology develops, to avoid emissions altogether.
  • Chuck some eggplant slices or vegie skewers on the barbie instead of the extra sausages.
  • For your meat, only cook as much as you’ll eat and go organic to further reduce the eco-footprint of your meal.
  • Serve up on re-usable picnic plates or for large groups check out the compostable alternatives made from bamboo or palm leaf.
  • Use a scraper and newspaper to remove fatty residues, then clean your barbeque with a natural cleaner to keep your food as chemical free as possible. 
For tips on staying safe around the bbq and other activities this summer, visit the NSW Rural Fire Service web site.


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