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Picking the Right Package

Date: 28-Oct-09

Every type of packaging has an environmental impact and there are lots of different variables to think about when deciding which packaging to purchase. Recyclability is one of those considerations.

In terms of recyclability, you can't get much better than aluminium cans.  Cans are 100% recyclable. They are made from a single material that can be recycled indefinitely, without degrading. Australian-made aluminium cans have around 60%** recycled content and the more cans we get into recycling bins (at home, work and when we're out) the greater their recycled content can become.

About 88% of a 1-litre milk carton* is made from cardboard which is a recyclable material - it's also a renewable material because it grows on trees.  Most councils around Australia collect milk and juice cartons for recycling.  Check if yours does at

Different products have different packaging requirements, and all have environmental impacts. Thinking about and choosing the criteria on which you make your decisions will make purchasing easier.


*  Tetra Pak

** The Aluminium Can Group


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