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Don't Waste Our Forests, Go Online!

Date: 15-Sep-09

Each Australians uses on average 200 kilos of paper and paper products each year. A whole lot of this is paper communications, materials sent everyday to businesses and households - like account statements, annual reports and newsletters. How important is it to have these in hard copy? We all know there about the many environmental impacts from using the trees, water, chemicals and energy, and producing solid waste and greenhouse gases that come from making the paper, printing and sending it,

That's why Planet Ark is proud to announce the official launch of the 'PaperCutz 4 Planet Ark' campaign. The program works with business to encourage people to make the switch from hard copy to online communications.

The pilot program with 'PaperCutz 4 Planet Ark' shows just how much can be saved through individual customers going online. Since 2007, Founding Partner Colonial First State, have encouraged over 170,000 of their customers to make the switch to paper-free investing, saving the equivalent of 90 tonnes of paper!

These are huge savings, amounting to

  • Power consumption of 59 Australian households for a year
  • Emissions from 84 cars in a year
  • 92 home swimming pools of water

Participating in the campaign has also helped to reduce Colonial First State's operating costs, meaning that 'PaperCutz 4 Planet Ark' strikes a winning combination of being good for the environment and good for business.

How To Get Involved

If you are a customer of Colonial First State, you can switch over to paper-free investing straight away by visiting Colonial First State will donate $2 towards Planet Ark's environmental campaigns for each customer that makes the switch.

Visit the to find out more about paper-free investing.

You can also save paper by viewing and paying your bills online with BPAY View Online.

* For more information on these figures, click here.

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