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Speed Dating With A Sperm Donor!

Date: 15-Sep-09

Green dating © Amy Nancarrow

Quick Connections is Australia's first 100% carbon neutral speed-dating company. This means that all the CO2 emissions associated with hosting their singles events are calculated and offset. Can it get any sexier? ... Just add the speed dating!

Operating on the basis that the more people you meet, the higher your chance of finding someone with whom you ‘click', speed dating engineers a series of brief encounters with people who want to meet you as much as you want to meet them.

Ever curious, one Planet Arker decided to rattle her cup and cast her die in the green mating game...

So How Did It Go?

A complementary drink on arrival helped tranquilise virgin speed-daters' nerves. Following a brief explanation of rules: be nice, keep an open mind and don't talk shop; 60 eager love-seekers were grouped by age, then ushered into a tasteful room of tete-a-tete tables.

Six minutes into each ‘date', a gentle bell rings to remind you that your time's nearly up. It rings crisply at seven minutes, to mark the ladies' march from one suitor to the next.

Apart from a polite ‘Giddy-up sister' to a woman whose obvious desire for more time with her new friend was rudely eating into my own, there was a wonderful conviviality amongst the women and men in my group, rather than one of tense competition, as I had needlessly feared.

The Quick Connections team were fabulous hosts. Warm and welcoming at every turn, they also helped break up awkward silences by providing a ‘lucky dip' of random questions to move conversations along.

The 8th Lucky Dip

As I sat down for the 8th time that evening I took a dip, unfurled the piece of paper and asked of my prospect: "What's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?" He thought for a moment before answering with a question, "Can it be X-rated?" My hesitation to consider the appropriateness of this question only caused my curiosity to grow. ‘G'won then!" I said.

And so I came to learn of  - let's call him ‘Vigo' - of Vigo's 14 ‘children' around the world, in Thailand, Hong Kong, the UK, America and Australia. All as a result of a sperm donor recruitment campaign at the University of Wollongong's health clinic in the 80s.

He wanted to help people. He had knowledge of his ‘offspring' because he had been asked back by the clinic. Turned out his sperm were healthy - VIGOrous even.

Whilst I thought his response to my question odd, I did like his attitude, and so ticked ‘Would like to see again' next to his name on my speed dating card - filled out with the pen made from recycled paper. A triumphant email from Quick Connections the next day revealed that Vigo thought I was a bit of alright too. Success! My first ‘green match'!

The Green Matchmakers

Director Carolyn Lee and her team are proud that through offsetting their events, they support energy efficiency programs in Australia ... helping to reduce Australia's carbon footprint into the future. They have also brought in a range of green office initiatives from buying 100% GreenPower to using 100% post-consumer recycled paper into their promotional materials. 

Whether or not these environmental credentials make Quick Connections sexy, they're doing their best to give singles in the NSW Illawarra region a good chance at finding friends and lovers. You might decide to give it the green light too! Click here for more info

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