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Exclusive Sneak Peek: The Big Aussie Swap

Date: 17-Aug-09

Big Aussie Swap vertial © Planet Ark

Who doesn’t like getting new stuff? But increasingly we, as individuals and as a community, are becoming aware of the environmental and financial impact of our throw-away culture.

Well, Planet Ark’s 2009 National Recycling Week is aiming to help people get new things without costing them – or the planet – anything at all.  

Councils, schools, workplaces and individuals across the country will be hosting a Big Aussie Swap Party in their area to help people exchange items and keep them in use.

So how does a Swap Party work? Click here for more info. Apart from being a fun way to get new stuff, Swap Parties also have strong, positive environmental benefits.

The Big Aussie Swap

During National Recycling Week, the Big Aussie Swap will rocket through the country, with Swap Parties being held all around Australia. Major CBDs from Brisbane to Perth, and Darwin to Sydney are holding simultaneous Swap Parties starting 12:30 pm on Tuesday 10th November. Throughout the week, councils from Geraldton to Ipswich, and from Wyndham, East Kimberley to Alpine Shire, Victoria will hold swaps in their communities.

Why not be part of the Big Aussie Swap and organise your own Swap with friends, your book club or sports group? Visit the Swap pages to download a comprehensive guide to Hosting Your Own Swap Party, along with swap tokens, an adaptable invite and swap rules.

For more information about National Recycling Week and the Big Aussie Swap, visit As the Week comes closer, you’ll be able to search for Swap Parties and other recycling events in your area. We’ll keep you posted!

Connect with the Big Aussie Swap community on and (#ozswap).

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