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Green Up With GreenPower!

Date: 17-Aug-09

Wind turbine SA

Switching to GreenPower electricity helps grow the market for renewable energy. Every time someone like you signs up for government-accredited GreenPower it means more renewable electricity is made. So it's one of the simplest and most effective things we can do to ensure a greener future.

When you switch to GreenPower, you sign up for a percentage of your electricity as GreenPower, ranging from 10% to 100%. This amount of GreenPower is supplied to the electricity grid from renewable sources like wind and solar.

Currently, around one million homes and 34,000 businesses are signed up to GreenPower, accredited by the Australian government. Well done, Australia!

Planet Ark endorses Jackgreen Energy, since they only sell products containing accredited GreenPower. To help Aware readers make the switch to GreenPower, Jackgreen is offering $50 off your first electricity bill when you switch to Jackgreen. And to help fund Planet Ark's environmental campaigns, they will also donate $10 to Planet Ark on your behalf.

Visit  if you're interested. It's simple and it's great for the environment. (And yes, we'd appreciate the donation too!)

Tell your friends and family about the benefits of GreenPower and let them know about this special offer from Jackgreen Energy.

More Info

Like to learn more about accredited GreenPower? Visit the Australian government website

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