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Collaborative Consumption at Christmas

Date: 11-Dec-13

Get involved in collaborative consumption this Christmas! ©

Get involved in collaborative consumption this Christmas!

Collaborative consumption is where people share access to products or services, rather than having individual ownership. It's good for the environment, the wallet and for society.

This Christmas, instead of traditional "Consumption", why not try turning spending into saving? The sharing economy is certainly gaining momentum, and with the majority of us watching our wallets, this time of year is the perfect time to find out more about collaborative consumption and the best ways to get involved.

New Year's Dinner Party

South Australia's new collaborative consumption website Share N Save is a great example of how the sharing economy is taking off. You'll find all kinds of sharing activities taking place across the state at this site, including community gardens and fruit and vegetable swaps, which are perfect for keeping purchasing and produce local.

Getting to the Family Lunch

Cars are expensive which is why car sharing is so brilliant. Programs like Go Get, Flexicar and Green Car Share give you all the benefits of a car, without having to own one. You can join a network of locally parked cars which you can access for a couple of hours or a couple of days, and when you're finished, just return it to a dedicated parking bay (and avoid the hassle of a car park hunt!). Or visit Car Next Door or DriveMyCar rentals to borrow your neighbour's car when they don't need it. Pure genius.

Festive Season Exercise

Holiday entertainment just got better in Melbourne, with Melbourne Bike Share. Cruise around town, picnic in the park, see the sights on your very own (borrowed) bike! With summer in full swing, saddle up and get cycling.

Holiday Home Away From Home

No room at yours for your holidaying guests? Or fancy a break away but aren't into commercial hotels? Airbnb is one of the hottest sharing networks and it's growing at a rapid pace. Check it out for all your holiday accommodation needs or recommend it to your friends if they're looking for a unique, homely place to stay, too.

Collaborative consumption is happening around you, and now's the perfect time to get involved. Make 2014 the year of sharing and caring. Check out this a great website for a directory for all things sharing across Australia: Collaborative Consumption.

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