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Date: 12-May-09

Bluefin Tuna (c) NOAA © NOAA

Bluefin Tuna (c) NOAA

In the past fifty years, the populations of large fish species, such as tuna and cod, have fallen by how much?

D)    90%

Overfishing is a big issue for our oceans. Three quarters of the oceans around the world are overfished or fished to their limit.*

Australian Marine Conservation Society's Sustainable Seafood Guide recommends three steps in making your seafood choices count towards protecting our oceans:

  1. Say 'no thanks' to overfished species such as tuna, swordfish, orange roughy, perch and silver trevally.
  2. Make 'better choices' by opting for fish like flathead, bream and tropical trevally.
  3. Ask your fish merchant about the correct name of the fish, and how it was caught or farmed.

For the complete Sustainable Seafood Guide and other resources, check out the Australian Marine Conservation Society, and find out more about their Sustainable Fisheries campaign.

* Mark Mann, The Little Green Guide, Eco Press, 2007.


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