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National Recycling Week is coming!

Date: 17-Oct-13

Join the National Recycling Week Recycling Revolution today! © Jess McCallum

Join the National Recycling Week Recycling Revolution today!

We're counting down the final four weeks before National Recycling Week is upon us! As an Aware reader, you'll know that recycling has become second nature to Australians at home and National Recycling Week is an opportunity to take our good habits into the community, to work and to school.

There are plenty of ways to get involved so we've put together a selection of the crowd favourites!

At Home

Re-using and recycling at home is easy and most Aussies are doing well, but we could still recycle more of our used batteries, printer cartridges and other electrical items, as well as reduce the amount of perfectly good stuff we throw out!

Planet Ark's Big Aussie Swap is happening again! This fun, free event is perfect for organising with friends, family or hobby/sporting groups, and has a strong, positive environmental benefit. By diverting items from landfill, and avoiding buying something new, you save water, resources and reduce emissions.

Visit the Big Aussie Swap page for more information including a How-To Guide, posters and resources for making your Swap the best ever, and check out our "At Home" page on the National Recycling Week website for other great ideas.

At Work

Tonnes of high-quality office paper are currently 'stored' away in the unused files of Australian workplaces, just waiting to be recycled. By hosting a Friday File Fling, you can declutter your office and get good, reusable office paper back into circulation! 

You'll be joining workplaces around Australia in a great staff engagement activity that encourages re-use and recycling of office paper and files, so why not register your event today?

To show you just how easy it is to be responsible at work, we've put together a variety of case studies showcasing the great environmental efforts of a selection of Australian businesses. Can we include you? If you're getting involved with National Recycling Week or think your business or workplace is being proactive in improving your environmental outcomes, let us know.

At School

Fun activities are a great way for kids to learn how to Recycle Right and find out about the environmental benefits that follow. Kids have a powerful influence over the recycling habits of a household, so educating them early is likely to have an impact on the entire home and family.

Planet Ark's Schools Recycle Right Challenge is on again in 2013! There's free recycling activity guides, lesson plans and Australian school event ideas, designed to engage students and teachers to learn by doing and having fun. Ask your child's teacher if their class is getting involved, or if you're a teacher, you can register your school's event today

Check out this case study of how a school's involvement in the Schools Recycle Right Challenge led to some impressive achievements!

Find out more...

To find out more about National Recycling Week and all the initiatives and events happening in 2013, visit 

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