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Break The Bag Habit!

Date: 12-May-09

Plastic Bags Petition Promo © Planet Ark

On Monday 4th May, South Australia led the nation in being the first state to ban all use of plastic check-out bags.  This is a very positive move for the environment. Other states should do the same!

On 22nd May all state, territory and federal Environment Ministers will be meeting. You can help encourage them to make a commitment to our environment by banning plastic bags. Please sign the Planet Ark petition to 'Kill off Plastic Bags, not Wildlife' at  Then send a message on to your friends, family or colleagues to encourage them to sign up too.

The plastic check-out bags we throw away litter our beaches, streets and our playgrounds. They get into our national parks and waterways where they trap and choke our wildlife. We use them for minutes, but they can cause havoc in our environment for hundreds of years. Plastic bags are unnecessary when there are so many alternatives available to carry our shopping. By banning plastic check-out bags, we can save energy and resources that can be put to better use by future generations.
For more information on how to reduce your use of plastic check-out bags, visit

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