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Say Hello to Reusable Bags

Date: 25-Jun-13

Onya Grocery Bags © Jess McCallum

From 1 November 2013 Tasmanian retailers can no longer supply shoppers with non-biodegradable, lightweight plastic shopping bags. This is another huge step forward in eliminating wasteful single-use bags in Australia!

The ban sees the island state following South Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT in committing to reducing plastics pollution and wasteful resource use.

The legislation supports the Tasmanian Waste & Resource Management Strategy and builds on initiatives undertaken by many retailers in Tasmania, which have already moved to supplying reusable or biodegradable bags for customers.

As a friend of Planet Ark and a subscriber to AWARE, you're likely to already be a big fan of the reusable bag, but how about your friends and family? Do you have trouble convincing them? Bombarded with excuses about why they can't commit to making the change? Well we've put together our top 5 tips for cutting back on plastic bags for you to share:

  • Use reusable bags, boxes or a backpack for your shopping.
  • After you unpack your groceries, put your reusable bags back on the front seat of your car or at your front door. That way, you won't forget them the next time you shop!
  • Keep compact reusable bags handy in your boot, glove box, backpack, briefcase or handbag so you are always prepared for incidental purchases.
  • If you buy one or two items, simply carry these to your car, home, office etc.
  • Reuse plastic bags you have accumulated at home as garbage bin liners, for clothing storage and for freezing food, or while walking your dog.

More information about the plastic bag ban in Tasmania can be found on the campaign website. And if you're hoping to make a stand in your local town and encourage the community to go plastic bag free, we've put together some information on that, too - check it out!

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