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BusinessRecycling = Tangible Benefits!

Date: 25-Jun-13

CFL globe © Jess McCallum

How well do you understand the tangible environmental benefits of recycling at work? BusinessRecycling now provides this valuable information for some of the most recycled materials, and although they're based on recycling in the workplace, you get the idea about the positive impact you're making at home by recycling correctly.

A NSW Government Life Cycle Assessment was recently undertaken to provide measures that relate to the "everyday" environmental benefits of recycling at work. It took into account both the recycling process itself as well as the avoided processes such as material production from virgin sources. There were four indicators used:

  • Greenhouse Benefits - which we converted to number of kilometres driven by an average car.
  • Energy Savings - which we converted to average household monthly electricity requirements.
  • Water Savings - which we converted to average sized bathtubs full of water.
  • Landfill Space Savings - which we converted to number of average sized wheelie bins.

You could find out how much water is saved recycling paper; how much greenhouse gas is saved recycling plastic; or how much solid waste is saved by recycling concrete.

So why not discover the environmental benefits of recycling? Click on the materials to find out what you're saving.

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