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Nurture Nature This Easter

Date: 19-Mar-13

Haigh's Chocolate Bilby © Jess McCallum

Haigh's Chocolate Bilby

Easter is celebrated as a time for new life and renewal, so this year, give your garden the gift of love and life. We've put together some great ways you can involve your garden or green space into your Easter holiday.

Tree Planting

This year, along with your chocolate egg hunt, celebrate Easter with a tree planting to green up your home. If you have the outdoor space, organise to plant a tree with those celebrating the holiday with you. Call it a National Tree Day Easter holiday planting and register your activity online. By the time next Easter comes around, your trees will have grown to make even more great hiding spot for the Easter Bilby's eggs. If you're short on space, you can also plant seeds in recycled egg cartons. When the seeds begin to sprout and grow, you can transfer them into a pot plant to make yet another perfect place for egg-hiding next year!

When planting in your garden it's important to remember Australia's native animals. By planting native trees, plants and shrubs, you are helping provide habitat and food for all kinds of Aussie animals and birds. Find out more about what's native in your area by visiting your local nursery or contacting your local council and speaking with the aborist.

Bilby Buddies

It's the 20th anniversary of Haigh's Chocolate Easter Bilby! This year marks two decades of environmental achievement from one of Australia's longest environmental partnerships between Haigh's Chocolates and the Foundation for Rabbit-Free Australia (RFA).

The Bilby is native to Australia and is the most adorable little burrowing bandicoot. It's hard to believe, as very few of us are lucky to see them now, but they used to be found in millions, living across 70% of the country. In Australia, the past 200 years has involved increased building development and settlement, clearing of their habitat, and the introduction of rabbits, foxes and feral cats. Sadly, these actions have pushed this small creature almost to extinction.

Since striking up the partnership 20 years ago, Haigh's have produced more than half a million chocolate bilbies with part of the proceeds from the sale of every chocolate Easter Bilby going to the RFA to assist with their environmental initiatives and research programs. The good news is that the bilby is starting to make a comeback but they still need the support of Australia to keep thriving. Here at Planet Ark, we're all in support of helping out the native Australian bilby. Gift chocolate with a charitable cause this Easter. Find out more about Haigh's Easter Bilby Collection at the Haigh's Chocolates website.

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