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Good Grades for Going Green

Date: 23-Jan-13

Good grades for going green © Planet Ark

The holidays are over, and it's that time of year already - back to school. But it doesn't have to be an environmentally stressful event. We've put together some of our favourite ways to go green this school year - and they may even save you money. Give yourself good grades by going green!

Reusable Sandwich Wraps

You consciously pack your child's lunch with food that's healthy for them and now you can also pack lunch that's healthier for the environment, too. Save on buying rolls of disposable cling wrap this year with our friends at Onya, and their reusable sandwich wraps. Create a waste-free lunch with their reusable sandwich wraps which are uniquely designed for both your large roll/multiple sandwiches or to re-wrap that small half-eaten toddler sandwich for later. They come in various colours and better yet, they're made from recycled PET bottles with a completely foodsafe PEVA lining! You can find out more on the Onya website.

Recycled Notebooks

Before you buy new, check whether your child's notebooks from last year have spare pages which could be reused - kids don't often fill their books and there's plenty of room to re-use. Flip the book upside down and back to front and the old back cover will become a new front cover! If you do need to buy new, purchase notebooks and stationery made from recycled paper. For example, the Tudor eco range includes notebooks and folders, and is made from post-consumer paper. Find out more at the Tudor eco range website.  

Pens and Pencils

Ever wondered what your recycled inkjet cartridges are turned into? Well thanks to some determination and innovative work by our materials recovery partner, Close the Loop®, you can now purchase recycled-content felt tip pens made from post consumer inkjet cartridges recycled through the ‘Cartridges 4 Planet Ark' program. The EnvirolinerTM is now available (and selling well) in selected Officeworks and Australia Post outlets. For more information or pricing about this novel product, email:

Also, keep your eyes peeled for FSC certified pens and pencils when you're shopping for stationery and accessories. You can purchase online at Buy Eco Green

Pool to School

Arrange with families who live close by to travel together to school. One parent could pick up in the morning, and another could drop off after school. And it doesn't just have to be carpooling. If you live close enough to walk or ride, offer to go past the children's friends who live in the same vicinity, and walk or ride in a small group. Your kids will love it - after all, it's productive playtime for them. Many local councils provide information online about your local cycling paths - it's also a great activity for weekend outdoor entertainment.

Uniform Swaps

Have your kids grown out of last year's uniform or are they changing schools? Are they just about to enrol or have they graduated? Uniforms, both school and sporting outfits, are one of the easiest items to swap or exchange, with children constantly growing and changing. Save money on buying new and visit The Uniform Exchange where you can buy secondhand or sell your children's old uniforms, and do the environment a favour by recycling!


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