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Festive DIY Arts and Crafts

Date: 30-Nov-12

Christmas Card Tree

Christmas Card Tree

In 2007, the Cards 4 Planet Ark campaign came to an end, with over 90% of Australians able to recycle their Christmas cards in kerbside recycling collections. We still receive a number of enquiries about giving festive cards a longer life, so we've put together four of our favourite DIY Christmas crafts with cards just for you. If you do have a go, share your creations on our 12 Do's of Christmas competition on Facebook.

Growing Your Christmas Card Tree

Present all those messages of love, good wishes and Christmas cheer by arranging your Christmas cards on a wall in the house, to form the shape of a Christmas tree. It's a stylish way to bring the cards to life and by carefully fixing them to the wall, window or miror with Blu-Tak or sticky tape, you can easily rearrange and watch your tree grow as your card collection increases.
(Image and basic instructions care of Homelife Christmas Craft)

Festive Bunting

Decorate doorways, balconies or mantelpieces with your unique Christmas card bunting. Using the fronts of your beautiful cards, make a mark at the centre of the bottom edge. Join the top corners to the centre mark to make a triangle. Cut out the triangles, and glue the long edge to a length of ribbon, close but not touching each other. You can use the backs of the cards in the same way, but as they come less decorated, scribe handwritten festive messages or make your own designs using pens or paints.

A Christmas Wreath Unique to You

The perfect decoration for your front door is the recycled Christmas card wreath. Using the fronts of your favourite cards, trace around different sized circles, such as the rim of a drinking glass or an aluminium can, and cut them out. Arrange the circles in a wreath shape, overlapping and securing the pieces with craft glue. Attach a coloured ribbon to the top using glue or a staple and hang! The perfect greeting for your guests!

Gift Tags for the Festive Beverage

When giving the gift of a lovely bottle of wine this festive season, personalise it by making your own handmade gift tag - from none other than a Christmas card! Cut a suitable size rectangle from a sheet of cardboard, and around 6cm from the edge, make a straight fold. Carefully cut a hole in the centre of the upper section, which will slide over the neck of the wine bottle. Using the front of your favourite Christmas card, decorate the lower section to make the front of your gift tag. You can write a message on the back of the tag. For a little more cheer, you could also decorate it with a reused bow or ribbon.

For more great ideas, check out Planet Ark's Festive Recycled Arts and Crafts Guide, which contains fun and creative ways to reinforce the importance of sustainability and recycling, all with a festive slant! Whether you're celebrating Christmas, Passover or just the summer season of festivities, we hope you find the projects fun and enjoyable!


Basic instructions care of Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Craft.


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