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We Bet You Can

Date: 23-Oct-12

CRL Wine

Dubbed "the race that stops the nation", the Melbourne Cup is celebrated in homes workplaces around the country, and this year our bet is on you! We bet you can go green and make the environment the real winner this November. To help you out, we've put together our top 5 tips for an extra enjoyable eco-event:

"The Dress"

So the date is fast approaching and you still haven't found that dreamy dress. The good news is, it might be closer than you think. Fashionistas come one, come all! Talk to your friends and families about organising a Swap Party. Bring that dress and fascinator you bought last year and haven't worn since because what you think is trash might be someone's treasure, and vice versa. With a Swap Party, you can even hedge your bets and pick a few frocks you fancy! Do the environment, and your purse, a huge favour. Find out more about hosting a Swap Party at our website.

"The Wine"

If you're purchasing the drinks for your own event, or you're out and about socialising at a bar or restaurant, there's still a way to say cheers to the planet by choosing a wine that's environmentally friendly. New Zealand Wine Company, Mobius, has earned the Carbon Reduction Label for their Mobius Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.

The Carbon Reduction Label means the company is publicly displaying their willingness to disclose carbon footprint information, reduce their impact on the environment and is setting its own benchmark for improvement. This is the first wine to display the Carbon Reduction Label anywhere in the world. Keep an eye out for it in bottleshops and bars near you. If you can't find that look for organic wines or champagnes.  

"The Power"

For several years now the Victoria Racing Club (VRC) has been working on its "Flemington Green Fields" sustainability program, delivering measurable reductions to their environmental impact, in particular the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

One of the great things they've done towards this is joining forces with Momentum Energy, who has become a fully-fledged sponsor of the Melbourne Cup Carnival, and it's clean energy SmilePower product will power Flemington Racecourse all year round. SmilePower is renewable energy derived from a hydro system that has been powering Tasmania for nearly 100 years, and today, Hydro Tasmania is the largest generator of clean energy in Australia, according to Momentum Energy.

Cutting back on power is one of the easiest ways to save energy, and it can be simple. If you're organising your event and it's location, why not try holding your occasion outdoors or in a place with plenty of windows and natural light, such as a beer garden or rooftop bar? This can save big on the energy costs of indoor lighting for you or the owner of the bar you're visiting.

Reduce your impact on the environment can also be as simple as flicking a switch. Do your part for a greener Melbourne Cup and don't forget to turn off all your appliances at the wall before you leave home. That includes your hair dryer, your TV and your laptop, and if you're at work, remember to switch off the printer, the kitchen kettle, and all the office lights.

"The Travel"

Choose environmentally responsible travel for the big race day. Before and after a few celebratory drinks, how we're getting to and from an event is always considered a priority. If you're going out with friends, arrange a carpool or share a taxi to cut back on cars on the road and carbon emissions. If you're heading out from the office with colleagues, splitting the cab bill is again another great option, or plan in advance so you can take a train or bus to your event. And as always, if walking is an option (and I know those heels can be high!), it's the environmental winner in terms of transport. Most of all, be safe.

"The Waste"

It's easy to go overboard at celebrations. Decorations and accessories, plastic cups and empty bottles. Make sure you supply recycling options for your guests at your event, and use reusable cups and plates where possible. If your event is being hosted by an external company like a catering company or event organiser, insist that they recycle what they can and dispose of the rest responsibly. Sometimes it's as easy as bringing it to peoples attention for appropriate action to be taken.

Another great organisation to keep in mind is OzHarvest, for your Melbourne Cup event or any other occasion you organise. OzHarvest is a not-for-profit organisation that rescues excess food from events and delivers it to people in need in Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Newcastle. You can find out more about them and the great work they do on their website.

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