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Eco-conscious Cleaning

Date: 23-Oct-12

Orange Power Laundry

Orange Power has just boosted its laundry category with two fresh options, The 3X Laundry Powder and 3X Laundry Liquid; two new laundry detergents which are excellent additions to the range of Planet Ark Endorsed environmentally responsible and quality products.

Without getting too technical, the triple enzyme formula helps break down stains, and like other products in the Orange Power range, these products contain plant-based ingredients, and are palm oil and phosphate free. Another good eco-feature is their excellent performance in cold water, which uses much less energy than using hot water (a potential benefit to your household electricity bill!). 

The new 3X Laundry Powder and 3X Laundry Liquid are available from Coles stores nationally. Orange Power cleaning products are available in all major supermarkets and independent grocers. To check which supermarkets stock certain products in your state, please visit the 'Where to buy' information page and choose your state.

Don't forget to rinse your bottles when your products are empty, and recycle according to your local council collection facilities.

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