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Eco Rate Your Phone

Date: 26-Sep-12

Vodafone Eco Rating 5 © Jess McCallum

Mobile phones have changed our lives. And now when you are looking to buy a new mobile you can check out its environmental and ethical performance thanks to Vodafone's Eco Rating.

Planet Ark worked with Vodafone to conduct an in-depth review of the Eco Rating methodology for Australia, and in our opinion, it is comprehensive, has environmental merit and provides a strong incentive to handset manufacturers to improve the sustainability of their design and manufacturing processes. We also helped Vodafone produce their educational video explaining how the Eco Rating works.

You can read more about how the Eco Rating works below or why not check out the video we helped Vodafone produce. With 1.8 billion handsets sold around the world in 2011, and with consumers in developed countries upgrading their handsets every 12 to 24 months, it's important that we consider the environmental and ethical impacts of mobile phones.

Vodafone's Eco Rating compares and rates the environmental and ethical impacts of many of the mobile phones that Vodafone sells. Presented as a score from one to five (where five is the most sustainable), the Eco Rating is based on manufacturers' answers to over 200 questions assessing the impacts of a phone across three areas:

  • Green design, which considers things like the use of recycled material in the phone, energy saving features, whether hazardous substances have been eliminated, and how easy the handset is to recycle.

  • Mobile phone life cycle, which focuses on areas like the energy and raw materials required to produce a handset, the carbon emissions generated during production and transport, how the phone is used, and end of life disposal.

  • Company performance, which looks at how committed the manufacturer is to managing environmental and ethical issues in their own company and their suppliers, focusing on things like water management, preventing pollution, labour conditions, and health and safety for workers.

The answers to the manufacturers' questions are checked by independent experts, who then calculate the Eco Rating scores.

So visit the Vodafone website or a Vodafone store to check out how your current phone rates, or to start planning for how you can make your next phone a greener phone.

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