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The Crop To Swap Of Your Cotton Tee

Date: 25-Jun-12

Patagonia Event © Jess McCallum

Remember Planet Ark's From Crop to Swap - The Journey of Jeans video? It looked at what really goes into growing, manufacturing and transporting your favourite denim item, all the way from a cotton seed and into your local retailer. Now, what about finding out about your cotton shirt, from front to back?

Sydneysiders are invited to an event about the sustainability story of the cotton t-shirt. 'A Tale of Two T-Shirts' will examine the who, the what, and the where of cotton t-shirt manufacturing and production. The Australian Lifecycle Assessment Society, Patagonia and The NSW Office of Environment and Heritage are holding this fascinating and free event. Some of the team from Planet Ark will be there and we look forward to meeting you!

Event details

When: 11 July, 2012 - 6pm for a 7pm start
Where: Patagonia Store at 93 Bathurst St, Sydney
RSVP: Tom Goll at or via Patagonia's Facebook

Not living in Sydney but like the idea? Check out Planet Ark's From Crop to Swap - the Journey of Jeans. The Crop to Swap video looks at what goes into producing your favourite denim: What really goes into making them? What are they made of? Who made them? How were they made?

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