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Keeping Yourself Clean and Green

Date: 24-May-12

Pure and Green Organics

Here at Planet Ark, we love organic, sustainable and eco products, and we thought we'd put together a list of a few favourites we use to take care of ourselves the green way. Where possible we also try to cut the carbon footprint of the products we use by choosing Australian made products too.

As the saying goes, the views expressed in this article are those of the author.

Very Natural Hair Care

Brad Gray - Head of Campaigns

"About five years ago Richard Glover kicked off the No Shampoo Challenge. It was a pretty simple challenge; don't use shampoo for a couple of weeks and see whether your hair feels any different. I joined the challenge and five years later my hair remains as clean, soft and fluffy as it did when I was washing and conditioning every day. I just give my head a vigorous rub under the hot water and with a towel. It's easy and is a financial and environmental no-brainer. It's saved me money and drastically reduced the environmental impact of caring for my hair. Think about the impact of making the shampoo and conditioner, the bottles, the boxes to move them around and the emissions from trucks to get them to shops.

One little secret I've learnt is to use water soluble styling produce (I couldn't give that away) otherwise it'll build up in your hair. I'd encourage you to give it a go!"

Clean Teeth and Conscience

Janet Sparrow - Recycling Campaigns Manager

"Thinking about reducing landfill and considering where a product goes after its life is an important factor for me when choosing any product, and one of the great things I've found is a toothbrush with a replaceable head! With the Monte Bianco toothbrush, the main section of the handle is reused, which in turn reduces the amount of plastic, which otherwise ends up in landfill. As with regular toothbrushes, you have a choice of different bristle firmness ratings, and even an option to have natural bristles too.

It's easy to forget some of the key products we use on such a regular basis as they become part of habit, so take some time tomorrow morning to think about what you use as you're getting ready to start your day - where did it come from and where will it go?"

Find out more about Janet's favourite toothbrush at: Green Demon Eco Store

Pleasant Hands

Sara McGregor - Media & PR Manager

"I've found Pure & Green Lavender hand and nail cream is the perfect foil for dry hands, especially during the colder months. It has a subtle and pleasant scent and makes my hands really soft and smooth. The certified organic ingredients, eco-packaging and fact that it's Australian owned and made are also compelling reasons for me to buy this product. With a crowded space of women's cosmetics and beauty products from all over the world, I always think about the beauty-miles my products have travelled, so Aussie-based is best. It's even Planet Ark endorsed it's that good!"

Find out more about Sara's favourite hand cream at: Pure & Green Organics

Bamboo Brush

Debbie Agnew - National Tree Day Manager

"Having curly hair, I find that running my fingers through it is enough to keep the knots away and the volume there - though that's not for everyone and when my hair does need a good brush, one of my favourites, and that of my family, is the MiEco hairbrush. It's made from bamboo, which is a fast growing and low input material, and is much better for the environment than plastic, being naturally biodegradable. Bamboo is also highly water resistant which is a big plus in the bathroom."

Find out more about Debbie's favourite MiEco hairbrush at: Go Green At Home

A Squeeze of Lime

Marty Middlebrook - Information Centre Manager

"Getting back to nature isn't always as easy for as we'd like it to be, especially in the middle of the week, so apart from riding to and from work, and getting outside for lunch, one of the other sure ways to touch base with Mother Nature herself is with Original Source shower gel*. It has the most invigorating scents made from natural ingredients, such as 40 real limes being squished and squeezed for the Lime scented gel! One of the big points for me and my care for nature is also the fact it's not tested animals, but on the manufacturers themselves!"

Find out more about Marty's favourite shower gel at: Original Source

*Please note, Planet Ark has not independently verified the claims of this product and do not necessarily recommend it use.

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