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Green Resolution - Ditch Disposables and Drink Up!

Date: 21-Feb-12

Go eco-friendly with a H2Onya bottle! © Jess McCallum

Go eco-friendly with a H2Onya bottle!


Our friends at Cheeki have some very interesting facts!

  • Did you know it takes seven litres of water to make a one litre plastic water bottle?
  • ...and that tap water costs 1 cent per litre compared to bottled water, which costs $2.53 per litre?
  • What about a guess at how long it takes for disposable plastic water bottles to decompose? ...Up to 1000 years!

For these reasons, it's important we find an alternative to the need for purchasing bottled water, and we may just have the key to the issue!


Healthy for you and healthy for the environment, stainless steel water bottles are a great way to save time, and money, and reduce plastic landfill all at once! They come in fabulous designs and wonderful colours, and there's a whole range of insulated coffee mugs and bottles, kids bottles and sports shakers out now, too.

Commitment Statement

I resolve to make the switch from plastic water bottles to stainless steel water bottles

Our eco-friendly pals listed below have a fantastic variety of products definitely worth a peak! All Australian-based companies, see their ranges here:

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