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CFL Myth Busting

Date: 26-Nov-08

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) do their job much more efficiently than the old incandescent bulb. Most of the energy used by incandescents goes into heat, which in turn gives out light. On the other hand, CFLs create minimal heat, reducing energy use by up to 80%!

Despite their energy-saving benefits, several myths have arisen. Visit to see how the following myths were busted:

Myth 1 - They're too expensive
Myth 2 - I don't like the look of them
Myth 3 - They can't be dimmed
Myth 4 - They don't last as long as they say
Myth 5 - They give a harsh white light
Myth 6 - A broken globe can contaminate your entire home
Myth 7 - They contain mercury, which makes them worse for the environment

Helpful Hint:

When you're replacing old incandescent globes, visit for disposal options in your local area.

Tell your friends and family about the information and brief videos about the 7 CFL myths at

To learn more about energy efficient lighting visit

To go into the running to win a six-pack of CFLs from Philips as part of Planet Ark's Christmas Eco-Hamper, enter this month's quick quiz.

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