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Potpourri Passes the Test

Date: 12-Oct-11

Orange Power's new air freshener © Sara McGregor

Orange Power's new air freshener

People often ask the Planet Ark team what it takes to get a product endorsed by us. Products are reviewed by our Research & Technical Manager to ensure they meet our criteria for potential environmental and human health impacts.  We recently tested a new product Orange Power has introduced to its range of air fresheners - Potpourri fragrance.

This décor friendly air freshener has a unique blend of three pure essential oils (Orange, Lime and Lemon Myrtle) and sugar alcohol (to help atomise) that produces a long lasting, natural fragrance with fresh, revitalising characteristics that eliminate household and bathroom odours. It can be used in kitchens, toilets, garbage bins and most household areas.


While reviewing the Orange Power products for endorsement, ingredients were assessed for their impacts on the environment in terms of biodegradability, ecotoxicity and bioaccumulation.  

The nature of cleaning products is that they are required to have some form of chemical effectiveness, which will have an impact upon the environment and humans.

The Verdict

However the ingredients in Orange Power’s air fresheners are of a plant-derived origin and Planet Ark’s rigorous testing found that provided they are used in the prescribed manner there is a low level of risk to the environment.

Due to the choice of high quality, natural ingredients and low probability of human health or environmental impact, Planet Ark has endorsed pretty much all of Orange Power cleaning products, including laundry products, air fresheners, a number of household cleaning products and furniture polish.

Where can I buy it?

The new Potpurri air freshener is now available at independent stores such IGA, Foodworks and Spar.

Every purchase of Orange Power Air freshener range helps support Planet Ark’s environmental campaigns.  

To find out more about Orange Power’s products, visit:

Orange Power

Planet Ark Products - Orange Power

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