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One Perfect Puppy and 9,000 Plastic Poop Bags

Date: 01-Sep-11



I’d started thinking about the poop bag dilemma before Suki arrived. A couple of friends asked why I was worrying as the council provides biodegradable bags in all the local parks. Well the way I see it, re-using existing bags is better for the environment than making bags especially for picking up poop.

As it turns out there are lots of suitable plastic bags just waiting to be re-purposed. Cereal bags were useful (although they are a little rigid and not that easy to tie).

Bread bags are perfect as they are strong, a good size and the printing can disguise the contents (if that kind of thing worries you). Unfortunately, we only go through a loaf or two a week so I needed to find other sources of bread bags. Following an e-mail around the office (that included a pleading photo of Suki) all the bread bags used in the office kitchen are left on my desk (as well as some from colleagues homes). But the best source on bread bags is the café I visit on the way to work most mornings. They give me about 8 or 10 bags a week as long as I bring Suki in for the occasional visit.

Fruit and veg bags are also pretty useful but since I have Onya Weigh re-usable bags for shopping I never had any in the house. However, I’ve found that there are always loose bags that people have ripped off, decided not to use and left wedged between the vegies. I just collect them as I go.

A quick calculation based on the perfect puppy pooping two or three times a day over a life span of 10 years means that with a just a little forethought 9,000 less plastic bags will need to be manufactured.  And that’s not bad for the puppy or the planet.


Suki and Brad – Head of Campaigns, Planet Ark

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