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Green Resolution - August

Date: 28-Jun-11

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The Issue

Spring is a time when many of us give our homes a good clean up - but what about our workplaces? It may sound incredible, but as little as 1 in every 10 sheets of office paper gets recycled. Much of it ends up 'stored' in files that will never be read again.

A Solution

Friday File Flings are a great team engagement activity to hold at any time of the year. All you need to do is set aside some time and encourage your team, office, or organisation to clear out their files and get good quality office paper back in to circulation. Fridays are great, as it's easier to get staff involved and to combine the fling with afternoon tea or drinks.

By holding Friday File Flings during National Recycling Week last year, 100 registered workplaces with 13,000 staff sent 34 tonnes of paper for reuse or recycling. That’s about the same weight as 8 elephants! Because it uses much less water and energy to make paper from recycled material, this 34 tonnes represents savings of 810,000 litres of water and 13 tonnes of greenhouse gases – or 274,000 black balloons.

Flings are easy to organise, and our short video guide shows you how to do it. We also have a range of handy resources to help you plan and promote your event, as well as register your workplace.

Your Resolution:

I resolve to help get good quality office paper back into circulation by hosting a Friday File Fling this National Recycling Week (7-13 November 2011).

I’m already doing this – Excellent! Please share this with others so they can also make a change.

Want to let others know about your commitment and encourage them to do the same – then share this green resolution by pressing the facebook icon below. Together we can all make a difference.

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